If you appreciate your instructor having put materials here for you, let him or her know so they can know if it is worth their effort to maintain it.


Here are links to web pages for other Instructors in the Photo Program at City College.  These pages contain downloadable course materials and other information to help you with your classes. This location for these files is only temporary while the official Photo Program Web Page is being developed.  Click on the Instructor's name below to go to their page of materials.

Please bear with us here.  Like much in the Photo Program this function is evolving as we work with it.  It will be better when we have the official site up and running, but for now the instructors have worked hard to make this available for you.

If an instructor's name is in color, there is material there for students, if it is in gray, they do not have anything posted yet.

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Bowers, Christine Carlson, Craig* Eichinger, Dave Holden, Melinda Holley, Gary*
King, David Richardson,Carlos Ridgeway, Siobahn Sloben, Marvin Ueland, Tor
Vella, Lisa Welsh, Doug*   Photo Club  


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