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This page contains a growing list of web site links to other photographers, tech sites, schools and workshops, photo related forums and blogs, tutorials, even retail sources for equipment and supplies, etc.

I've tried to gather some interesting and educational internet places for references and hope you can take advantage of them.  As I come across others I'll add them to the list.  (You will notice they are NOT in alphabetical order; they are in the order I've found them.)

These links will all open in a new window.  To return here simply close the new window.

NOTE:  Links are as provided to me.  I do not monitor them to make sure all are current and up-to-date.  If you find broken ones let me know so I can contact the source.
Photographers & Designers  

Dee Jones
Robert Sanders
Lee Peterson
Lee Peterson's Book
Lee Peterson Gallery
Marvin Sloben

Huntington Witherill
Doug Welsh
Nikko Mizuno
John Cocozza
Joe Butts
Kamice Kellum
Jody Borden

Erin Connelly
Gary Holley
Tamandra Michaels
Heather Johnson
Daniel Morales

Clayton Karas
Michael Orton
Craig Carlson
Ken Rockwell
David King (the OTHER one in the UK)
Canon's Explorers of Light
Tony Losey
Andrejz Dragan
Geraldo Pace
Brian Edwards
Michel Tcherevkoff
Barbara Bordnick
Jim Shoemaker
William Neill
Muench Photography
Frans Lanting
Ben Ham
Natalie Fiocre
Mark Laita
Jay P. Morgan
Jay P. Morgan's Blog
Paul Butzi
Paul Butzi's Blog
Nick Nacca
David Osborne
Michael Routh
Jim Respess
Jerry Uelsman
Yuri Arcurs
Clark Little
Max Lyons
Jay Patel
David Fokos
Kamice Kellum
Gene Cooper
Anne Strickland
Michael Kenna
Dave Hill
John Segesta
Rick Canham

Portrait photographer friend form Texas
San Diego area commercial/product/fashion
San Diego area underwater, commercial, fine art
Lifetime of writing and images
Lee's fine art prints
San Diego Portrait/Commercial Photographer(I)
Master Fine Art Photographer
San Diego photographer and Instructor(I)
Weddings and Portraiture
Surfer and outdoor lifestyles photographer
Wedding and Portrait  photog "retired" from San Diego
North Cnty Portrait Photographer
(Great with Kids)(S)
Horse & Equestrian Life Style Photographer
Portraits, Weddings, Maternity, Landscapes
Web Design for photographers, comm'l photo(I)
Photographer and painter of animals
(S) (
Extreme fashion
Portraiture, fashion, and also good layout/art designer
Photographer and designer(S)
Famous for the "Orton Effect"
Instructor at SDSU and at City(I)
SD Photographer's site has lots of techy articles.
British professional with the same name and good work.
Professionals using Canon Equipment
Elegant Web site of City College Student (S)
Unusual Portraits by hot European photographer
High concept Portraits and Commercial work
Really edgy work... check it out!
Great Conceptualizing and Studio work!
Award winning portraits, fashion, and flowers
A little of everything
Landscape Photographer (Digital and 4x5)
Famous family of Landscape Photographers
Outdoor photographer w/ large stock collection
Large Format digitized landscapes
Architectural and portraiture (S)
Commercial Photographer in LA and NY
Incredibly inventive commercial Photography
Jay P's Blog with "How he Does it" stuff
Photographer and publisher
Paul Butzi's Blog
San Diego Photographer: GREAT lighting on site
Amazing Panos from the Seitz 6x17 Digital Camera
Northern California Landscape Photographer
Fascinating Photography and digital art composites
Master of multi-image printing
Major Stock Photographer's site and Blog
Some amazing surf and oceanscapes
Pioneer in creating Mosaics (multi-Row Panoramas)
Some very nice use of light in landscape photography
Very Beautiful B&W large format landscapes.
Great family portraits by a former student.
Gigapixel Macro Photography
Beautiful serene landscapes
Iconic B&W Nature shots
Cutting Edge Commercial/Advertising/Editorial work
San Diego Photographer with edgy lighting and editing
Very interesting Landscape work
Edgy British Photographer of many genres
(I) = Is also an instructor at San Diego City College.

(S) = Former or current Student of mine

  Photo Education, Workshops, Tips/Techniques, and Seminars  

Julia Dean Workshops
Photographic Explorations
Canon Digital Learning Center
Photoflex Lighting School
Photo Finishes
Popular Photography
Photo Notes
Large Format Photography
View Camera
Lets Go Digital
Better Photo
Smashing Magazine
Trigger Voltage Lists
Image Permanence Data-(RIT)
Wilhelm Research
Rob Galbraith
National Geographic Photo Tips
David Saffir
Fred Miranda
Photoshop Users Group
Photoshop News
Smart Shooter
Russel Brown
The Strobist
Outsight Photography
Depth of Field Simulator
Photo Styling Workshops and Courses
Online Lighting Diagram Creator
Better Online Lighting Diagram maker
26 Photoshop Retouching Tips

Top Notch workshop provider
Donna Cosentino's Workshops
Web Site for Canon's educational services
Online Lighting tutorials and lessons
Discussion and decriptions of editing/fx techniques
Online Tips, reviews, etc. from the Magazine
A little of everything in one place mostly about Canon.
Major site for large format data
Another Large Format Site
Web site for large format magazine
Online Digital Photo resource
Online tutorials and forums
Photoshop Tutorials
List of trigger voltage for various strobe units.
RIT Image Permanence Institute's Home Page
Major source of digital image permanence data.
Lots of data for the Digital Photographer
Just what it says... courtesy of National Geo
Digital Imaging, Tutorials, Photography
Photoshop instruction and actions
NAPP Official site: lots of Photoshop content
Just what it sounds like...
Info and workshops
Amazing photoshop tips and techniques
Blog and sight all about lighting
Depth of Field Calculators / Galleries: Thom. Hallstein
Interesting Depth of Field Simulations
Susan Cox's collection of styling courses
Online site to create lighting diagrams & save as JPEGs
Online Diagram maker with more items and details
Collection of retouching techniques by PSHelp


  Other Photographic or Photo related sites (Museums, Galleries, Forums, Blogs, Vendors)  

Photographers' Professional Assoc.

San Diego ASMP
San Diego APA
San Diego PPA

Stock Artists Alliance
Sports Shooters
Wedding & Portrait Photogs Intl

San Diego Sierra Club Photo Section

Photo Museums, Galleries,

Museum of Photographic Arts
American Museum of Photography
California Museum of Photography
Getty Museum in LA
Masters of Photography
Masters of Fine Art Photography
ProPhoto's Photography Masters
The Luminous Landscape

Photo Forums & Review Sites

The Digital Picture
Photography Review
Popular Photography
Photo Notes
Photo Net
Photo File
Digital Outback
Photo district News
Nature Photographers

The Photography Bay

Retail Photo Vendors

B&H Photo Video
Calumet Photo
KEH (for used equipment)
Really Right Stuff
Samy's Camera
College Software

Light Impressions
Nelsons Photo
George's Camera
Ritz Photo

Steve Kaeser Lighting & Access's
Dream Maker
Marine Camera

Live Books
Borrow Lenses

PhotoEquip/Supply Manufacturer's

Bogen Imaging
Epson Printers

MAC on Campus
Toyo View/Field Cameras
Ebony Custom View Cameras

Phase One

Paul Buff
BKA Photo
Lens Baby
Induro Gear
Really Right Stuff
Calumet's Media Medic
L.L. Rue
The Vested Interest
Finishing Concepts
Photo Studio Supplies

Photo Book Printing

My Publisher
Asuka Books


Link to SD chapter of ASMP
San Diego's own chapter of APA
Prof Photogs of Am. SanDiego
Editorial Photographers
Photographic Society of America
National Press Photographers (Student page)
Photo Imaging Education Assoc
Soc. for Photographic Ed.  Highly politicized association
Association for Stock Photographers
Sports Photographers Site
W & P Photographers Association
Sierra Club Photo group


San Diego's own world famous museum of photography
Museum of American Photographers
UC-Riverside's Photography Museum
It's The Getty -- what else can you say?
The works of Masters of the Photographic Arts
Similar to above but more contemporary
Another collection of iconic photography masters
Excellent Nature and Landscape Resource

Very comprehensive review site for digital equipment
Good Review/Info Site mostly about Canon digital equip
Comprehensive review site you can add to.
UK Review site with videos of reviewed equipment
Popular Photography Magazine Reviews and articles
A little of everything, though mostly about Canon
Major photo resource site
Forums, reviews, galleries
Fine art digital photography site - one of the  good ones
Online version of major pro magazine
Online nature photographers' magazine
Online reviews and tutorials
Photographer's blog, reviews, forum, tutorials


They've got EVERYthing; a good place to check  $$
Generally very good prices and reliable
National chain for Pro gear with a store in Escondido
The best place for honest ratings and used equipment
Really expensive stuff but extremely high quality
Primarily film based spplys/equip for edu purposes
Major LA based Camera stores
Discount for California Community College Students
Archival materials for storage and display
San Diego Camera/Supplies
San Diego Camera/Supplies
Chain store for photo equip/splys
Inexpensive lighting equipment and accessories
More inexpensive (comparatively) lighting equipment
Amvona is an importer of inexpensive photo equipment
More cheap equipment and supplies.  Import knock-offs
Lee Peterson's underwater equipment online store
Web based portfolios and sites for students and teachers
A place to rent lenses for most cameras.


Kodak's Company Website for tech data
The Ilford digital media Site
The Ilford film and silver gelatin based site
Gateway to Fuji products and supplies
Nikon products and service
Gateway to Canon products and e-store
Gateway to all Olympus products
Page for DSLR with links to other  products
Light meters and tutorials
Tiffen Filters, Domke, Stroboframe, etc.
Bogen Manfrotto, Gitzo, Gossen, Metz, Elinchrome, etc.
Epson USA page on printers
MAC on Campus program and products for students
Site for Toyo cameras
View cameras in custom sizes and materials
Hasselblad official site
Digital backs and software
Mamiya cameras and lenses
Photogenic Electronic Flash units
Top line electronic Flash Equipment
White Lightening Strobes
Dynalight Flash Equipment
The "New" Kalt Photo Accessories distributor
Home site of the Lens Babies lense/accessories
Tripods and camera support
High end camera support and accessories
Software to recover lost memory card data
Equipent and accessories for outdoor photographers
Photo vests for serious photographers
L.A.  fine art finisher that also does Diasec mounting
online store for photo studio equipment and supplies

One of the oldest and still good
Also one of the original photo book outlets
Pricey and for pros but excellent quality
Canadian and very good, also does printing
Inexpensive, better for text
Similar to Lulu
A custom digital print shop but also does books

  Photo Contests  


  Stock Photography  

Foto Search

Central site for searches of stock agencies  
  Misc Sites that might interest students or other viewers of my site  

Women in art
Women in Film

Paul Spafford's Golf stuff
Paul Roher's Acting/Writing Site
Surfshot Magazine's Website
Anza Borrego Foundation
San Diego Dog Wash
Archive Showcase
Camera Encyclopedia from Wikipedia


An amazing morphing of images through the centuries
Like above but with ladies from the film world
Retired Prof from SDCC makes great custom golf items
A fun site for actors and writers from a  friend of mine.
San Diego's Surf mag web for latest surf data, etc. (1)
Park info and annual photo contest
Prof Lisa Vella's  service to dog owners in San Diego
Advertising photography and illustration collections
Camera Related Info

(1) Surfshot is photo edited by a former City Student.

  Topic-Specific Web Sites and Pages  

HDR/HDRI  and Digital Depth of Field
Web Sites and Pages




Sites devoted to High Dynamic Range capture and display.



Extended Range of Focus



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