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Sometimes a major element is missing in the normal photograph... space or dimension.  There are, at least to me, subjects where a major element is their topography -- the texture and surface variations that make them unique.  To me, for these subjects, their whole personality is wrapped up in their dimensionality.

Well, that is a problem since normal photography can suggest spatial relationships and simulate that dimension to some degree, it isn't really quite right.  Enter 3-Dimensional photography.  I wrote a book, "Practical 3D Photography" during my explorations of this interesting and very historical off-shoot.  In order to best allow a 2-dimensional printed page or computer monitor to show that sense of space, I decided that the best method was to create 'anaglyphs' which are images comprised to two views blended together into a single image.  The viewer sees them through filtered glasses or viewers which force each eye to see the appropriate image.  By adjusting the space between the two taking views when shooting and then varying the positioning of the overlapped images, the photographer has almost complete control over how the final 3D image will look and, for example, what will be at "surface level" and what will intrude into the viewers space as opposed to what will stay behind the viewing plane in its own space.

To view these images you will need a 3D viewer or 3D glasses with Red and Cyan (Blue-Green) lenses.  The red is for the left eye, the Cyan for the right eye.  These viewers ar inespensive and can be picked up at novelty stores or ordered from a number of vendors online.

These images were all taken with digital cameras which have included:

  • Nikon e5700
  • Nikon e8700
  • Nikon D100
  • Canon 20D
  • Canon 5D

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.  That Landscape class is coming up again soon so hopefully I can add to this collection!

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