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This page is a gateway to  a number of "galleries" of my work.  Below is an index of links to the various gallery pages. 

I have generally organized the photographs by topic though the work in some of them ranges in age from something created 30 years ago to some created last week.  These galleries will be expanding all the time as I produce new pieces or am able scan older work I have always liked, so come back and check them out again.

From the professional side of my work, there are galleries of my portraiture and commercial product/illustration photography.  The other galleries are for my display and fine art pieces and are organized by either location or by the approach or subject.   Gallery names below in Cyan Type are ready for viewing, those that are labeled with Gray Type are being assembled and not currently available for viewing.

So kick back, and take your time, browse through the cyber "halls" of my gallery.  Just scroll on down and chose a gallery, click on the name below to go to an introduction page then see the images.  If you want to contact me for work assignments or to discuss a particular image for information or for stock use, please feel free to EMAIL me.


- The large individual image files will take longer to open with low speed internet connections so please be patient.

- The actual gallery image pages use Active-X and ASP controls to operate.  If you do not have your computer set with permission for this it will not display correctly without it. 

- The Gallery Pages are  best displayed with Internet Explorer as your browser

I.E. Logo

- Other browsers will simply display thumbnails in a long line to the right and you will have to scroll back and forth to the enlarged displayed image on the left of the page.





Portraiture II Product & Illustration Retrospective: Older Work from All Over Visual Trivia/Details
Alabama Hills (CA) Yosemite NP The Desert Collection San Diego County Back Roads Death Valley
"Surf & Turf"
Coasts, Beaches, Etc.
Big Pine and the Bristlecones A Walk in the Park Trees Flowers...
I Think...
New England Abstract Photography 3D Photographs
(You'll need a viewer)
Salton Sea Area  
Traditional (Non-Photo) Fine Art Trip to Oregon and California Coast 2009 Owens Valley Field Trip 2009 Mosaics
(Multi-Row Panorama)