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Artist's Statement


Who, me?,

Well... I am just a simple country boy with some interesting experiences... I am also one of those incredibly fortunate souls who has made a living (sometimes a great one, sometimes not...) from doing that which I love and am driven to do: create images.  (The photograph on the right is of me on a dry lake bed in Anza Borrego during a class field trip on location lighting (c) Sue Stutz)

Who and what am I?  Well, I honestly hope the answer to that question is always somewhat of a moving target. I have been making images of one sort or another for as long as I can remember; drawing them with crayons, then pencil, pen, airbrush, and now the computer. And drawing them also with words on paper as well as words cast on the ear of the listeners; with bronze; with photographs and videotape and motion picture film and  even into the electronic ether that is the internet.  Amazing.  The world is truly a magical place!

I am what I do!  

Sometimes I do it (whatever "it" is at the moment) for myself, and am rewarded with the sheer pleasure of the doing.  Sometimes I do it for others, for a more materialistic reward necessitated by my habit of eating, and a certain cultivated fondness for soft sheets, hot meals, and a sturdy roof.   Therefore this site has information about and a few examples of my work as a professional photographer but it also has many examples of  the other imagery I create simply because my soul commissions it, and my heart supplies the currency. 

Though a Colorado mountain man/cowboy at heart and by upbringing, I am now living and teaching photography at San Diego City College in Southern California.  The photograph above (c) Karen Stiles, was taken during a demo on using Flash Fill and other portable lighting approaches.  The photo on the right (c) Adriana Sapiens, was taken on a photo trek into the Cuyamaca Mountains.

This site also has information about my classes for my students and anyone else that might be interested.  

However, if you are searching for a near perfect cure for insomnia, to learn more about me, you can access a biography HEREAnd you can access my current artists statement HERE.  My personal 'mission statement' is on the right-hand column.

You can also email me by clicking HERE.



My Biography may be interesting to some as it gives some experiential background that might explain a little of how I learned what I have learned.  But I tell my students to create for themselves a "Mission Statement" that should focus their lives in the same way companies create mission statements to let employees and customers learn who they are and what they are all about.  Well, to show that I practice what I preach, here is my own personal Mission Statement:

"My personal mission in life is to strive to make the world, or at least my little corner of it, a better place for my having passed through it.

To accomplish that, I will seek to grow spiritually, search for wisdom, integrity, and understanding in my relationships with all of God's creatures; to walk in balance and beauty; and to pass on what I have learned in a creative and artistic manner.  My continuing action items are to Show Up, Pay Attention, and Pass It On.

Recognizing my human frailties it is nevertheless my goal to give thanks for my life by experiencing as much of that life as possible and, in the final tally, by returning more love than anger, more hope than despair, more healing than hurt, and more beauty than ugliness."