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         N. David King's
         Professional Bio


Detail from sketch of David done in 1998

Shot during a photo workshop in Canyonlands, UT © Arno Brosze 1979

ISPI Award of Excellence for Instructional Training, 1987

Shot in David's home in San Diego © by Susan Robinson, 2005


Emmy Nomination for Anti-Gang video 1988



Shot during a class's field trip to the Anza Borrego desert 2003 (One of the last times I used a film camera)


Awarded AXIEM 1999 for Video Feature


Silver Telly for Video Production 2000



Photo (C) Lee Peterson 2009.  (See I do sometimes shoot wildlife too...)

Videographer Award of Excellence for Video Feature 1999

This shot above was taken on location shooting during the filming of the family picture "Moosie" where David was the movie's producer, 1998.  

Photo © by Joe Butts 2001.  

Photo © Scott Golia 2004

Photo © Jack Yonn 2003

Photo © Greg Vernon (Shot during the Tewa Project, 1982)


Photo (c) Paul Spafford, 1980

Photo (c) Adriana Sapiens, 2010

David King has drawn and painted and taken pictures since grade school.  In High School (in Blue Springs, Mo) he was awarded an Art Scholarship to Missouri State University, at Warrensburg.  Instead, he went to work for Hallmark Cards as an engraver and attended classes at the famous Kansas City Art institute.

His involvement with photography became more intense when he entered the Art School at the University of Denver with a double major in Art and Philosophy and discovered that at a time when "Conceptual Art" was the rage and was sweeping the academic art world he was viewed as being at a major disadvantage: he could draw. So he returned to an old interest and started using photography as an increasingly important aspect and element of his art work.

When he returned to the University of Denver, following 4 yrs with AIS (Army Intelligence and Security) and 3 yrs of Law School in San Diego (took the bar, passed, but never practiced), to work on an MFA in printmaking, he realized the situation had not changed much when he was asked, in front of a class, if he did not think his expertise was a shackle to his creativity.  Believing rather that technical skill frees creativity to express itself, he returned to the world of professional photography and was co-owner of "The Darkroom," a combination rental lab, school of photography (26 courses/22 instructors) and gallery (the first in Denver to show the works of Brett Weston and Morley Baer).  Through the auspices of The Darkroom he also ran photography and outdoor survival workshops int he Colorado Mountain Back Country.

Since then he has been involved in professional photography as well film and video production, including a few years (1982 - 1984) working first as an Art Director and then Creative Director for an ad agency in Denver, (Eastburn and Associates) before forming "King II Productions," his own still and video production company..

Over the ensuing years his work has won numerous awards, including an Emmy nomination as Producer for an anti-gang music video. His documentary and lyric outdoor images in still photography have been featured in regional and national magazines and his work among the northern New Mexico Pueblos was the subject of a PM Magazine featured TV segment.  That project, "TEWA," on the Tewa-speaking Pueblos of New Mexico is in the permanent collection of Mesa Verde National Monument and frequently travels throughout the country.  A collection of portraits of Denver’s “Movers and Shakers” was commissioned by and featured at the Colorado Celebration of the Arts.   His work has been exhibited in galleries and private collections around the country.

In addition he produced the images for the pictorial book Santa Fe, The City Different and wrote the books Thinking Digitally and Practical 3D Photography for students of photography.

David's still work specializing in editorial portraiture and commercial products and his video/film documentaries and music videos, and his award-winning industrial film/video production work has been produced for clients in such wide-ranging industries as corporate, heavy industry, oil and gas, mining, telecommunications, martial arts, law enforcement, education/training, and recreation. He received a ISPI National Award of Excellence for his training video work. 

A documentary on street gangs done for the Denver Police Department ("War on the Streets") received acclaim from police and communities around the country as one of the best programs on the subject produced to that date (1989). 

He has produced programs ranging from short music videos to longer documentary and industrial programs of up to sixty minutes. He has achieved a reputation for bringing in his projects on time and within budget. It is precisely this type of experience and skill that is both an asset and a requirement for being able to produce high quality for the extremely limited budgets.

 David wrote, produced, and directed the western music video "Through The Gap" starring Bruce Boxleitner and Martin Kove. He wrote, produced, and co-directed the screenplay adaptation for the short feature "Handler" (based on a segment from the Jane Martin play, "Talking With"). 

His feature production, a family adventure titled Moosie is now being distributed and is available online through Netflix.  Moosie won a Videographer Award of Excellence, an AXIEM Silver Award for Absolute Excellence In Electronic Media, and a Silver Telly, plus it has been awarded the Dove Seal of Approval for Family Programming.

Continuing through it all to produce still photography, he brought with him lighting and staging expertise honed with the film and video production work. 

David has been teaching Professional Photography as well as Film and Video Production since the late 1970s in California and Colorado.  In January 2000 he returned again to San Diego and taught as an adjunct professor of photography at San Diego City College and at Palomar College in San Marcos, CA.  He also conducts workshops and seminars on various areas of photography, digital photography, and film/video production.  In December 2004 he was hired full time and is now an Associate Professor of Photography at San Diego City College.

In addition to teaching, David has been a judge at the famous International Photography Exhibition at the San Diego County (Del Mar) Fair since 2000 and is a returning member of the “Digital Dialog” panel of experts in digital photography featured each year during the exhibition. 

He has also started giving presentations to audiences at the Fair, for Photo groups, and at conferences/ conventions.  In addition to specific photo and digital photo related topics such as HDRI, Macro, Panoramics and Mosaics, etc. he also speaks on more general topics such as Creativity, Becoming a "Black Belt" Photographer, and "The Photo tips of Leonardo da Vinci."

Now "retired" from the free-lance commercial world and no longer needing the constant stream of clients thanks to being a tenured professor, David is enjoying the time teaching, which he loves all by itself, allows him to do more art oriented landscape and portrait work and to return to writing and presenting.  It is all now "fun" again and is time to return some of the "stuff" life has pounded into him over the past years and try to help students accelerate their learning process and avoid some of the pitfalls he walked right into.