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When I lived in Colorado I loved taking the back roads around the state.  Some were dirt, others old forgotten pavement, some the so-called 'blue roads" (due to their color on most maps) because they made a more leisurely circuit through some very interesting countryside.  It turns out there are similar roads here in San Diego County.  They do not have the same visual range as from the high mountains to the plains but they do have their own variety from low mountains to coast to desert.

I've put the coastal and desert shots in their own gallery so this gallery contained the "in-between" areas.  Because of some horrendous wildfires that rampaged the county first in 2004 then in 2007 there are some fascinating areas showing the burn scars almost healed by nature and others fresh and devastating.       

This collection was photographed almost exclusively with digital cameras including the following"

  • Nikon e5700
  • Nikon e8700
  • Nikon D100 Digital
  • Canon 20D Digital
  • Canon 5D Digital

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