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Links to Class Data Sheets & Handouts

Download Fieldtrip Rules & Guidelines

Students in the Photo 245 "Nature and Landscape" Class can check here for information on the upcoming field trips including links to help them find lodging and sites of interest in the areas we will be visiting.

I will also post any updates or changes to plans here so once we are underway and setting plans in motion, check here regularly for any any last minute changes.  The Dates posted at this point are TENTATIVE pending data on availability.

Links to Area Data Sites

Web Sites for Weather Forecasts:
    Weather Channel

Download Itinerary for Owens Valley Trip Tentative Dates for Alabama Hills/Owens Valley Trip The tentative dates for the Alabama Hills/Owens Valley Trip are March 28, 29, 30.  This is the week following Spring Break. 

The valley floor will be warm but possibly windy.  The area near Whitney Portal, if open, will be cold and snowy. So bring appropriate clothing.

Lone Pine Data:

Dow Villa Motel/Hotel
Best Western*
Comfort Inn*
Area Data & Info

(*=Main reservation site for chain)

  Dow Villa Lodging rate offerings to my students The following Email just came to me from the Dow Villa:

Dear David,

Thank you for your inquiry. The following rooms we do have available in our AAA Motel & Historic Hotel:
15 rooms- 2 queen beds, non smoking for $63 plus tax
6 rooms- 1 king bed, non smoking for $59 plus tax
4 rooms- 2 queen deluxe rooms, non smoking for $70 plus tax
5 rooms- 1 king bed, private bath ,non smoking for $55 plus tax
16 rooms- 1 queen or double bed, private bath, non smoking for $55 plus tax
2 rooms- 2 queen beds, private bath, non smoking for $55 plus tax
1 room- 2 double beds, private bath, non smoking for $55 plus tax

Please let us know how many rooms we will need to reserve.

Thank you,
Deanna at the Dow

This is a very convenient location and they have always treated us right so it is my recommendation.  And no, I do not get a kickback or even a free room... I just like the place.

Reservation form at Dow Villa:




  Yosemite Trip Alternatives Because of the spotty and nearly non-existent lodging available in Yosemite during nearly all of spring, we need to consider some alternatives.  my suggestions are either:
  • Death Valley
  • Mono Lake/Body
  • Mohave Preserve
  • Joshua Tree
  • Kings Canyon/Sequoia

The Tentative Dates for the trip are May 1, 2, 3, 4.   

Download Estimated Costs Sheet

Download Budget Worksheet

Estimated Costs for Field Trips To the left you can download a data sheet showing itemized estimated cost ranges based on a single person absorbing all costs.  If you will car pool and room share you can cut costs dramatically.  By comparing the itemized costs to your own plans you can estimate a fairly accurate cost.  You can also download an Excel Spreadsheet for estimating and budgeting for Photo Trip costs that is far more detailed and accurate.

The bottom line estimated range of costs for a single person who is driving themselves and not ride or room sharing will run as follows:

Lone Pine Trip: $200.00 - $500.00

Yosemite Trip: $225.00 - As much as you want!

Download the Estimated Costs for the bases for these total.  And REMEMBER:  These costs largely reflect fuel prices so ride sharing will drop them drastically!


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