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This was the very first Mosaic I did.  This shot is of the action on an old upright piano that was in my friend Linda's living room.

It is a simple 10-frame (5 across by 2 high) shot with a Nikon e5700, 5 megapixel SLR type camera and done as a test of the process.  it is a natural light shot with light coming from a large patio door set with sheer curtains to diffuse the light.

This first attempt at the approach was stitched together by hand, a truly masochistic process.  I actually did it over several times because I could not both line up the support bar and the hammers.  Finally I went out to it with a long straight edge and discovered the bar (the wooden piece with the logo on it) was actually curved and not straight as I assumed.

I did a few early ones like this but when I got into some serious shooting of about 20-30 frames it was time to let the computer do the heavy lifting.

Click Here or anywhere on the Image to go to the "Zoomify" page where you can zoom in to see the detail. Take a look especially at the detail around the lower hammers where you can see the dust bunnies and cat hair trapped there.   

NOTE:  The next page will take you to a zoomable version of this image created using the application "Zoomify."   Use the navigation bar below the picture to zoom in tight and you will be amazed at the detail. 

A small reference image in the upper left has a blue rectangle that shows you the section you are looking at.  You can click and drag this around to see different parts of the image or use the hand icon on the image itself to move the viewing window around.

Depending on your computer horsepower and internet speed it may take a few moments for the image to snap into focus after you have zoomed in ot moved the view.

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