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San Diego has one of the world's great parks, Balboa Park.  This park has everything: great museums, restaurants, a world class zoo, an artistic community, a Shakespearean theater, side canyons to explore, architecture and flora in vast abundance.  it is a photographer's paradise and I often take class field trips here since it is only a few minutes from campus.  I have most definitely NOT explored all it has to offer so this is a growing collection.  I am fascinated by the details of the place however, especially the fantastic plants in the world famous lathe botanical house.  But there is SO much more to photograph I always look forward to the next visit.

I offer this collection to demonstrate that even when you return again and again to a place where millions of others are going all the time, there are still images to capture that are just yours.

The images in this collection were shot with the following cameras

  • Bronica GS1 6x7 medium format
  • Nikon e8700 digital
  • Canon 20D Digital
  • Canon 5D Digital
  • Canon 1DS Mk II Digital

If you come to San Diego, this place ought to be on your 'must-see' list.  And be sure to bring your camera!

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