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I never set out to create a collection of photographs of trees.  To be honest I did not think about trees, per se, much at all when photographing nature.  But in looking over other collections I discovered that I actually have quite a few shots where a tree or some element of one is the primary subject of the photograph.  Obviously something, however subconscious, drew me to the subject.  I put together a monograph photo book called "In Respect to Trees" and here are some selected images from that sollection.

The shots in this gallery have been taken with both film and digital cameras.  These include:

  • Burke & James Field 4x5
  • Bronica C 6x6 medium format
  • Nikon 5700 and 8700 Digital
  • Nikon D100 digital
  • Canon 20D Digital
  • Canon 5D Digital

If you scroll to beneath the photo it tells you what camera was used for that shot.

All images in this collection were taken by and are by N. David King; All Rights Reserved, and may not be used in any manner whatsoever without written permission.

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