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Although I love the grand landscapes, and the exquisitely detailed photo-mosaics I seem to do more and more, I am also often drawn to the details of nature; those smaller, sometimes tiny and often overlooked bits of visual jewelry that contain the very spiritual essence of the larger scene.  Those shots often get overlooked like the originals in a collection of landscapes so in this little gallery I have concentrated on them.  This collection presents some of those tasty little details that have now and then caught my eye and ensnared my spirit.

These images have been shot all over the country from the brilliant crisp winter of New England to the blazing summer sands of the Mohave Desert.  From areas containing tall trees or tiny buds, crashing surf or simply piles of junk, these little jewels, like visual Haiku verses, have stood out amidst some incredible grandeur and held their own for me.  Some of the objects are natural, some are man-made but succumbing to natural processes.  All of them carry lessons for the interested viewer.  Perhaps the most important of which is simply, “Pay Attention!”


This collection was photographed with the following camera equipment:

  • Bronica C 6x6 medium format
  • Bronica GS1 6x7 medium format
  • Nikon 5700 and 8700 Digital EVF Camera
  • Nikon D100 Digital

All of the images in this gallery are © N. David King, All Rights Reserved

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