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The studio is probably my favorite place to shoot.  I guess coming from my days in art I still like the totally creative aspects of arranging, lighting, and photographing a composition that did not exist until I started to work on it. The photographs in this collection are from a variety of situations. 

Many were shot for clients ranging from agency art directors to the marketing or PR people in a client company.  But some were shot for self  promo where I was just having fun and some were shot as demonstrations for lighting and advertising classes or seminars where I set up, lit, and shot an example (which I'm showing here) then allowed the students to work with the set to get a feel for the type of equipment or techniques involved.

The bottom line is, whether for money, which is always nice, or for fun or to teach the magic of the studio, shooting in the controlled environment is still something I look forward to doing. The shots in this gallery have been taken with both film and digital cameras.  These include:

  • Grundlach 8x10
  • Burke & James Field 4x5
  • Calumet and Toyo-Omega monorail View 4x5s
  • Phase One medium Format digital back on Mamiya RZ67
  • Bronica C 6x6 medium format
  • Nikon D100 Digital
  • Fuji S2 Digital
  • Canon 20D Digital
  • Canon 5D Digital

All images in this collection were taken by and are by N. David King; All Rights Reserved, and may not be used in any manner whatsoever without written permission. Some of the older film-based images were scanned from 'tear sheets' or products.  Newer ones that were shot digitally are from original files.


Some of these photos were taken during demos at my seminars or classes.  In all cases these images were arranged, lit, and shot my me.  In some cases, following my set-up and narrative, students/participants have been allowed to step up and play with the set and take their own images in order to better understand the lighting or whatever technique was the topic of the demonstration.  This is a common practice and it is accepted that the resulting work is not truly the work of the student but is used for practice and analysis.  Nevertheless I have seen work from my demos  appear in some student's and former student's sites and portfolios as if it were their own.  Although not precisely ethical or honest, I really don't care.  If they learned enough to duplicate it and subsequently do it on their own then I did well as an instructor and good for them; if not then they will only hurt themselves trying to get and perform work based on a display of skills they do not actually have.  But I wanted you, the viewer, to understand clearly, all of the images in this collection are the result of my own work and vision.

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