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  Coming from the Colorado Rockies, to me the desert is still a fascinating but sometimes very foreboding place.  I'm comfortable in the mountains and forests and confident in my survival skills there.  But the desert is alien turf to me almost on a par with being on another planet.  It is equally alien to me visually.

The topography, flora and fauna, all are from a world I know little about.  And though I am trying to learn (and learn as fast as possible) I think it will always hold that slightly dangerous sense to me.  But on the other hand, when the heat of the day passes and the sun heads for the mountains in the west, it is a place of incredible quiet and peacefulness.  In the mountains you can hear the breezes whispering in the trees almost all night, but in the desert, it can get quiet like no other natural place I know of.

The shots in this collection are from the various areas of the California desert except Death Valley.  For that I have reserved its own collection of images.  These are from the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, The Mohave Preserve,  and from further east into the Imperial Valley Dunes.  I don't often venture into these areas in the summer due to the ferocious heat; but when it cools to a reasonably toasty temperature I'll be back adding more shots here!

Photos in this collection have been taken with both film and digital cameras including:

Sony Mavica 7 (Early digital <1 megapixel camera)
Burke and James Field 4x5 film
Bronica C 6x6 medium format film
Nikon e5700 and e8700 Digital EVF cameras Digital
Nikon D100 digital
Canon 20D digital
Canon 5D digital
Canon 1Ds MkII

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