Jump to the Index Table of Contents. I'm not a writer, I'm an image maker.  But over the years I've been moved to jot down a number of ideas and responses to issues and questions, often based on events happening near or around me. From this page you can link to a number of pieces I've written over those years.  They range from essays on legal and constitutional matters, to some geo-political issues, to some stories and materials from photo documentaries such as the text from "Tewa."  Many are actually email discussions on various topics with friends or others I love debating. 

Please, however, go no further if you do not want to be asked to think on your own or have a closed, partisan blinded mind; it will not be comfortable for you in some places and will almost certainly disagree with your partisan talking points and bumper stickers no matter which side you are on.   Go back to the pretty pictures, I beg you.   Nevertheless, if you insist on reading on and end up offended, then return to this page and follow the links there on the right created just for you.

Please, also, understand before you go further, the views expressed are completely my own and do not reflect those of my friends, my school or its administration, or, for that matter (and except by the sheerest of coincidences) anyone I have ever run across in this galaxy.  My experiences are mine alone as are my conclusions about them.  I speak here only for myself and as I understand my right to do so as a proud veteran and an American Citizen.  Sacred cows are, and have always been, among my favorite meals and political correctness is, to me, sponsored ignorance and stupidity.  We have forgotten that the word "discrimination" is a positive one that has unfortunately been commandeered for political purposes.  in its proper usage it implies nothing more or less than the ability to tell good from bad which is, in my mind, the very thing political correctness tries to mask and prohibit.

So if you believe you have a right not to be offended, then this is the wrong place for you to be.  I am divinely indifferent to your acceptance or rejection of anything I write or believe.   I have fought (and walk with a limp because of that fight) and will continue to fight for YOUR right to disagree with me.  But I will fight no less hard for my own right to disagree with you and say so openly and publicly.  And remember, if you can't stand the heat, don't tickle the dragon...

So, with that bit of unfortunate and distressing, but necessary disclaimer out of the way (necessary, that is, to keep me out of trouble), feel free to  click on any of the links below to go to the starting page of various pieces.  If the link is in COLOR it is available, if in GRAY it is not yet uploaded or is being revised.

I've really been incredibly offended and want some action taken against this malcontent!




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