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This page is an index to the results of  demonstration and test images or graphics for specific classes that are ready for review or study. 

Scroll down the list to find the demo you are looking for and click on the link.   Or use the links to the left to jump to the specific class where the demos were shot. 

NOTE: The test shot pages open in a new window.  To return simply close that window.
Lighting Class Demos (Photo 200)
  Basket Demo Photo 200: Demo shots of Athabaskan Birch Bark Berry Basket, shot 02/12/08 in the City Photo Studio. (Solid, Textured Object 1)
  Harmonicas Photo 200: Demo shots of old Harmonicas shot 2/26/08 in the City Photo Studio (Highly Reflective Object)
  Film Reels Photo 200: Demo shots of Film Reels shot 03/04/08 using half light tent on reflective objects.
  Blackline Glass Photo 200: Example of simple black line glassware shot (3/24/2008) with single light on background.
  Whiteline Glass Photo 200:  Example of simple white line glassware shot (4/1/2008) with bottom light and side lights.
  Glassware II: Vase Photo 200: Examples of both both black line and white line versions of a cut crystal vase shot (3/25/2009) with a single light.
  Roll and Coffee Photo 200: Example of food shot using simulated light bank.
  Finger Piano Photo 200: Example of old Finger Piano shot 02/23/09 (example of a solid/textured object)
  Cake Server Photo 200: Example with a cake server shot 03/11/09 (example of reflective object)
  Waterproof Watches Photo 200: Example with a collection of watches shot 4/15/09 (examples of jewelry of various surfaces)
  Portable Flash  Diffusers Photo 200/220/230: This shows the effect of different types of diffusers on a portable flash unit.
NEW Lenses Photo 200: Demo of lenses shot 02/16/2010
Portrait Class Demos (Photo 220)
NEW Headshot: Demo using Student Model Demo for Portrait Class taken 09/03/2009 
  Headshot: Dean Lou Ascione Headshot taken for admin photo for Dean Lou Ascione. (Spring 2008)
  Portrait Demo:
Demo for Portrait Class taken 09/08/2008
These three shots all came from the same shooting session. Portrait Demo:
Siobhan Ridgway
Demo for Portrait Class taken 10/8/08
Portrait Demo:
Siobhan (B&W)
Shot from Above Demo sequence converted to B&W
Portrait Demo:
Shot from Above Demo sequence in simulated Albumen print style
  Paul Kruze Proofs Proofs from demo PR Shoot of Paul Kruze, Reporter/Anchor
  Emillie Proofs Proofs from a model headshot session.  Diana Lopez, Makeup Artist.
  Desert Lighting Shots from the Field Trip to Clark's Lake, 12/06/09
Advertising Class Demos (Photo 230)
Creative Techniques Demos (Photo 265G)

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